Quemado: Located just downtown. It is equipped witha modern tourism complex with a capacity of 400 beds.

Calabonita: Just outside the city perimeter. It is equipped with a camping-ground that can accomodate about 600. Has sport facilities and other leisury activities.

Souani: Locate in the rural community of Ait-Youssef-ou-Ali. Stretches for about 4 Km. Club Med has a complex there since 1963. It was its first vacation resort in Morocco with a capacity of more than 1,400 beds.

Espalmadero: Locate 3 Km outside the city. Has camping ground. It is not equipped, great for those loving "raw nature".

Cala Iris: Located in the rural community of Bni Boufrah. Itis surely one of the best sites on the central mediterannean coast. Its general capacity is of about 4,500 beds.

Torres: Just outside Cala Iris. Stretches for about 1,000 m.

Bades: Just in front of The Bades Island (Spanish). Stretches for about 500 m.

Bousekour: Located North of the rural community of Izemmouren. Known for it very fine sand.

Tala Youssef: Located jsut outside the city. Stretches for about 1,500 m.


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