Facts about Alhoceima (Continues)


5 Delegates/ Chamber of Representatives
489 Comunal council
65 Regional council
21 Members of the provicial assembly

Professional Chambers:
Chamber of Agriculture: 15 members
Chamber of Commerce and Industry: 17 members
Chamber of Fishery: 4 members

Basic Infrastructure:
Paved roads: 559 Km
Harbors and Ports: Alhoceima, Cala Iris
Airports: Alhoceima Al- harif El Idrissi Airport , International airport with takeoff track of 2,160 m. The airport can recieve medium size carriers. The airport serves national and international links.

It is the main industry in the province and employs more than 60% of the active population. Useful agricultureal area cover about 123,000 hectars (34% of the total surface). 6,800 ha is irrigated.

The main crops are:

Cereals , 74,000 ha
Vegetables, 8,700 ha
Almond, olive and fig trees, 34,000 ha
Forest , 120,000 ha ( 1/3 of the total surface of the province)

The province has a great potential in the development of agriculture and cattle growing.


Fishery is one on the main natural resources of the province. It has an important role in the economy and creates jobs.

The local fleat is composed of:

113 boats (chalutiers, sardiniers, palangiers)
420 small boats

The main fishing ports are Alhoceima and Cala Iris.

The average annual production is estimated at 16,000 tons

Tourism (1997):
The Alhoceima Region has an undeniable vocation in tourism and hospitality. However the province potentialities in this domaine remain mostly untapped, An increased development in tourism projects and infrastructure could play a considerable role in advancing the economy of the area. Due to its geographic and morphological charactersitics, the province can accomodate two types of tourism, balneary (beaches) and Mountain Recreation.

Numbers of Tourists: 45,000:

French: 10,000 ; Spanish: 5,000; Italians: 1,000; German: 1,000; Belgians: 350; Dutch: 250; Suiss: 220; Americans:160; English: 150; Portuguese: 150; Arabs: 135; Moroccans: 30,000; Others: 300.

Maroc Tourist:
Hotel Quemado
Hotel Mohamed V

Soussan Group:
Hotel National-website
Hotel Alkhouzama-website
Hotel Etoile Du Rif-website

Other Hotels:
Hotel Karim
Hotel Marrakech
Hotel Tidghine


Quemado: Located just downtown. It is equipped witha modern tourism complex with a capacity of 400 beds.

Calabonita: Just outside the city perimeter. It is equipped with a camping-ground that can accomodate about 600. Has sport facilities and other leisury activities.

Souani: Locate in the rural community of Ait-Youssef-ou-Ali. Stretches for about 4 Km. Club Med has a complex there since 1963. It was its first vacation resort in Morocco with a capacity of more than 1,400 beds.

Espalmadero: Locate 3 Km outside the city. Has camping ground. It is not equipped, great for those loving "raw nature".

Cala Iris: Located in the rural community of Bni Boufrah. Itis surely one of hte best sites on the central mediterannean coast. Its general capacity is of about 4,500 beds.

Torres: Just outside Cala Iris. Stretches for about 1,000 m.

Bades: Just in front of The Bades Island (Spanish). Stretches for about 500 m.

Bousekour: Located North of the rural community of Izemmouren. Known for it very fine sand.

Tala Youssef: Located jsut outside the city. Stretches for about 1,500 m.

Mountain resorts:

Issaguen, Azila, Taghzou, Jbel Tizifri.

Hunting resorts:

Beni Guemil; Beni Boufrah; Beni Hadifa; Chakrane; Beni Bounsar; Tizi Tchen.

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